Talk of Dr. Armario in the I Jornada of PNECAT

Dr. Antonio Armario has been invited as a speaker to the I Jornada of the group PNECAT (Grup de Treball en Psiconeuroendocrinologia de la Societat Catalana de Psiquiatria i Salut Mental). He has given a talk about the Neurobiology of sexual steroids.

   PNECAT ArmarioPNECAT Public

Dr. Roser Nadal receives the award LAS TOP 100 in the category "Academics and researchers"

Dr. Roser Nadal has been recognized as one of the 10 most influential women in the academic and research field of Spain, in the ranking of Mujeres&Compañía "Las Top 100 mujeres líderes en España". The objective of this ranking is to give visibility to women so that they become referents in their respective fields. It is a recognition to a long and intense career, devoted not only to research but also actively to scientific outreach and gender equality, among others. A well-deserved award, and a great honour for our lab! Congratulations, Roser! 

The news has been published in the website of our Institute: and in the website of UAB: If you would like to know more about the iniciative, please visit the following link:

Roser Nadal

Patricia Molina scientific monitor in the project SMART Barcelona

Patricia Molina participates as scientific monitor in the project SMART Barcelona, an international iniciative which aims to explain science in a practical and didactic manner to children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old. There is a wide range of programs, where children perform real experiments in different laboratories, from genetics to chemical synthesis, directed by young scientists. Moreover, parents simultaneously participate in a separate program to learn from the same topic. It is, without any doubt, a very entertaining and enriching activity for the weekend, and an important project to bring science close to the younger ones. If you are curious about the project, you can visit their website:



Two studies in which our group participates receive an ERANET grant

Our group receives two ERANET grants in the programme "Translational Biomarkers in Brain Disorders". Dr. Antonio Armario and Dr. Roser Nadal participate in the project GEPI-BIOPSY, in collaboration with the group of Dr. Javier Labad (Spain), Dr. Marie-Odile Krebs (France) and Dr. Thomas Schulze (Germany), in which they plan to identify genomic, epigenetic, and proteomic biomarkers in psychosis, both in human and animal models. Moreover, Dr. Raül Andero coordinates the project Biostress, with the aim of identifying translational biomarkers of traumatic stress in collaboration of Dr. Torsten Klengel (Germany), Dr. Narcís Cardoner (Spain) and Dr. Carmen Sandi (Switzerland). 

If you would like to obtain more information about the projects, visit the following link:

Patricia Molina participates in Festa de la Ciencia BCN 2019

Our PhD student Patricia Molina has participated in la Festa de la Ciència, Barcelona, where she has presented a talk titled: "The stressed brain: how do we study it in the lab?". Patricia has explained to the general public the research we carry out in our group. Big thanks to all the attendees, definitely a very interesting plan for a Sunday morning! If you want to know more details, visit the following link:

Sin titulo

Dr. Roser Nadal nominated for the iniciative @lastop100

Dr. Roser Nadal has been nominated as a candidate for the iniciative called @lastop100 (Top 100 leader women in Spain), with the objective of highlighting the female talent in different fields to create an equal society. If you want more information of her candidacy or the organization, visit the website:

Roser CandidataTop100

Dr. Jeffrey Edwards visits our lab and gives a seminar at INc

Dr. Jeffrey Edwards, principal investigator of Brigham Young University, has visited our lab and given a seminar in the Institute of Neurosciences titled: "Synaptic Plasticity: Modifying the brain from PTSD to addiction". If you want to know more details of his research, visit his lab website:

Jeff Edwards combinat


Dr. Antonio Armario presents at the XXII National Congress of Psychiatry

Dr. Antonio Armario attends the National Congress of Psychiatry, from 26th to 28th of September in Bilbao and gives a talk titled "Chronic unpredictable stress and animal models of depression: vulnerability versus resilience". If you want to know more about the congress programme, visit the link:


Inés Cordón defends her PhD dissertation

Inés Cordón, a PhD student from our group, has defended her PhD dissertation with an examining board composed of Dr. Gemma Guillazo, Dr. César Venero and Dr. Miquel Martín. Congratulations for all the work you have done during these years and for an excellent defense, Dr. Cordón! We wish you good luck in the next steps of your career. 


Dr. Silvia Fuentes attends the SENC congress

Silvia Fuentes, member of our group, has attended the SENC congress organized in Santiago de Compostela, from the 4th to the 6th of September of 2019. There she has had he chance to attend many talks from expert researchers of the neuroscience field as well as present interesting results from our group. 

SENC 2019

Dr. Roser Nadal gives a talk for Escolab in the brain awareness week

Today, for the Brain Awareness week, students from 2nd Batxillerat of SAFA Orta school have participated in an Escolab activity in the INc and Dr. Roser Nadal has given a talk titled “Neurosciences, a challenge of the future”, where she has delved into different aspects such as the importance of the study of the nervous system as well as unsolved questions in the field.

 escolab roser 2019

Workshop about gender in Vacarisses

Today Dr. Roser Nadal and Carme Espelt have given a workshop about gender in Vacarisses titled “Resilience and coping strategies in the way towards gender equality: a perspective from Psychology” for the International Women’s Day. You can find more information in the following link:


Workshop of brain models at the Lliceu Politècnic de Rubí

Patricia Molina and Antonio Florido have organised a workshop for students of 3rd ESO of the high school Lliceu Politènic de Rubí for the brain awareness week. They have given a presentation about myths and curiosities of neuroscience as well as neuroanatomy and basic funcions of the brain, and the students have had the opportunity to learn closely about the anatomy of this organ thanks to the brain models. It has been a highly enriching and enjoyable experience for everyone!

Taller maquetas cerebro Lliceu Politecnic Rubi

Study of our group about controllable and uncontrollable stress published in Scientific Reports

Our group has carried out a study about the differential effect at short and long-term of exposure to controllable and uncontrollable stress during adolescence in male rats. In this study, the authors show that despite that exposure to stressful situations in adolescence has negative consequences at short and long-term both at the physiological and behavioural level, the possibility to exert control over the stressor might mitigate its negative effects. The study, lead by Dr. Roser Nadal and Dr. Antonio Armario, has been published in the journal Scientific Reports and includes data from the PhD dissertation of Dr. Maria Sanchís Ollé. Congratulations to all the researchers involved in this study!

The news has been published in UAB Divulga:

Moreover, Dr. Roser Nadal has explained the study and its implications in an interview with Radio 4: mp3Radio 4523.18 KB


If you want to read the study you can visit the following link:

Article Sanchis-Olle et al. 2019

New Year's lunch

Lunch of the Neurobiology of stress and vulnerability to Psychopathology SGR group at the beginning of the year. It is a pleasure to spend time with colleagues and friends! 

Comida 2019  Comida 2019 2

Our lab participates in ESCOLAB

The Neurobiology of stress and addiction lab has participated in the programme ESCOLAB. Patricia Molina, Antonio Florido and Eric Velasco have organised different workshops for the students of cicle CFGS Laboratori Clínic of Institut Pedraforca, who have had the chance to learn first hand about what we do in the lab. The students have observed brain samples and neuronal cultures in the microscope, they have learnt about the protocol of fear potentiated startle in humans, and they have also learnt about stereotaxic surgery in rodens for virus injection or calcium imaging, among others. Thank you very much for your visit, we hope you have enjoyed the activity! 

ESCOLAB 2019 imagen

Dr. Raül Andero selected as a member of the FENS Program Committee for FENS 2020

Dr. Raül Andero has been selected by the FENS Governing council as a member of the FENS Program Committee for FENS-2020, which will take place in Glasgow, 11 - 15 July 2020. Congratulations for this opportunity and good luck! 

You can find more information about the FENS Committee in the following link:

Looking for women volunteers for a study in collaboration with Parc Taulí

Drs. Antonio Armario and Roser Nadal, in collaboration with researchers of Parc Taulí, are looking for women volunteers to participate in the study "Building resilience in women". If you are between 25 and 45 years old and you have ever suffered abuse from your couple or you have felt threatened by your partner, you can collaborate in this study, which aims to help to create strategies of recovery and empowerment in women that have suffered violence, generating healthy and long-lasting impressions in their daily life. 

If you are interested in participating, contact us by email to the address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , indicating the reference "Projecte dones" (deadline for inscription is February 28, 2019). 

Cartell estudi dones voluntàries Parc Taulí

Presentation of Dr. Antonio Armario at the 16th Congress of Hungarian Neuroscience Society

Dr. Antonio Armario is attending the 16th Congress of Hungarian Neuroscience Society in Decebren, Hungary, on the 17th and 18th of January. He will give a presentation about the regulation and disregulation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis and the importance of stress-coping strategies. Further details about the program are available here.

Conference of Dr. Roser Nadal at the Universitat de Girona

Dr. Roser Nadal will participate in the conference series of scientific dissemination and research about "Environmental effects on Health", organized by the research group NEOMA (Clinical anatomy, embryology and Neuroscience), from Universitat de Girona. She will give a talk titled "Stress and vulnerability to psychopathology" on Thursday, November 22, in Casa de Cultura (Girona) at 19h. If you want to know more about which factors influence vulnerability to develop stress-related psychopathologies, do not miss this talk!

BYNS 2018

Patricia Molina collaborates on the Barcelona Young Neuroscientist Symposium (BYNS) 2018, held in the Natural Sciences Museum of Barcelona on September 13rd and 14th, organized by the neurosciencists association Brain and Beer Barcelona (twitter: @BrainBeerBCN). PhD students anad postdocs in Neuroscience from Spain and abroad presented their research in a relaxed and stimulating atmosphere. They could also attend several workshops given by experts in topics of interest, such as workshop in Miniscopes (Dra. Megha Sehgal, University of California Los Angeles). Moreover, they could enjoy "Career Chats", where they had the opportunity to have a chat with scientists with a broad experience in different fields of Neuroscience, ranging from academia (Principal Investigators, such as Dr. Albert Quintana), to scientific industry and scientific communication (such as Dr. Guillermo Orts-Gil, de la Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology, European Office). Thanks to the eagerness of the attendees and the work carried out by the organization, BYNS 2018 was a success. We hope to see you in BYNS 2019! 

BYNS Combinat

Sofia presents her Master's project

Sofía Navarro, supervised by Dra. Roser Nadal and Dr. Antonio Armario has presented her Master's project of the Official Master in Neuroscience (INC-UAB) titled: "Impact of controllable and uncontrollable adolescent stress in Arc expression in rats". Congratulations for your hard work!

Recent study from our lab covered by the media

Our study about how early life stress differentially modifies the effects of adult stress exposure in males and females has been covered by the media (La Vanguardia, el Economista and UAB Divulga). You can read the news in the links below:

Project from RecerCaixa

The Obra Social la Caixa and the Associació Catalana de les Universitats Públiques have awarded a research project from the RecerCaixa Programme to Dr. Antonio Armario and Dr. Ximena Goldberg (from Fundació Parc Taulí) for the project “Building Resilience in Women: a social neuroscientific approach for preventing the consequences of partner violence”.

2018 02 22 RecerCaixa Premiats copy

You can find more information in the following link:

The award has appeared in the news:

Interview program Deuwatts: Trauma

Drs. Roser Nadal and Antonio Armario have been interviewed for the programme “Deuwatts: Traumes” of Betevé, where they speak about intergenerational transmission of trauma and stress. Roser explains that the offspring of parents exposed to stressful situations can suffer the consequences of such situations (for instance symptoms of depression, anxiety…) throughout epigenetic marks. Antonio states that the idea that environmental changes can be transmitted through generations has been a key discovery in the scientific field, and finding the neurobiological substrate underlying these epigenetic changes is one of the greatest challenges for the future. You can enjoy the interview and the whole documentary in the following link:

Dr. Roser Nadal interviewed for the SENC

Dr. Roser Nadal has conducted an interview for "Sociedad Española de Neurociencia" (SENC) in which she discusses different aspects of her scientific career, such as what drove her to investigate in Neuroscience and who have been the most influent people in her career. Moreover, she talks about a subject of special relevance these days: women in science. Roser proposes several actions that could be adopted to reduce gender inequality present in scientific research, such as promoting the scientific vocation of youngsters at schools and high schools and implementing gender equality programs in research institutions, among others.

You can read the complete interview here:

Patricia Molina joins our group as a PhD student

Patricia joins our group as a PhD student with the scholarship Formación de Profesorado Universitario (FPU), from the Spanish Ministry, under the supervision of Dr. Antonio Armario and Dr. Raül Andero. Patricia studied Biomedical Sciences in UAB and she did an internship in the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim (Germany). Then she studied the Master of Neuroscience in University College London (United Kingdom) with La Caixa Scholarship. Her PhD will focus on studying the role of the prefrontal cortex in the stress response as well as the neurobiological bases of vulnerability and resilience to stress. Welcome to our group and good luck! 

Jeniffer Sanguino joins our group to do her Master's Project

We want to welcome Jeniffer, a student of the Master of Neurosciences of Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, who joins our group to carry out her master's project. Jeniffer studied a Bachelor's degree in Sanitary Biology at Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and did an Erasmus placement at Umeå (Sweeden) during 2015-2016. Then she did a stay in the laboratory of Neuroendocrinology of Torres Alemán in the Cajal Institute (Madrid). Her master's project will focus on studying the impact of stress during adolescence in rats. Good luck and enjoy your stay with us! 

Laura Sánchez continues in our group as a research assistant

We are happy to announce that Laura Sánchez continues in our group hired as a research assistant. Laura studied Biotechnology and the Master in Neuroscience in Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Then she did her Master's project in our group, in which she compared the HPA axis activity between Sprague-Dawley and Long-Evans rats, and now she will continue working with us. Good luck in this new stage! 

África Flores de los Heros, new postdoc in our group

We are happy to announce that África Flores de los Heros joins our group as a postdoc. África studied the Bachelor's degree of Biochemistry at Universitat de Barcelona and carried out her PhD in the Universitat Pompeu Fabra under the supervision of Dr. Fernando Berrendero and Dr. Rafael Maldonado. Moreover, she did a predoctoral training at Neurocentre Magendie (Bordeaux, France) with the EMBO Short Term Fellowship. África has been awarded with the Juan de la Cierva grant to carry out her postdoc, which is focused on investigating the neuronal circuits of fear in female mice under the supervision of Dr. Raül Andero. We give you a warm welcome and congratulations for this prestigious grant!  

Antonio Florido joins our group as a PhD student

Antonio Florido studied a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Psychopharmacology in the Universidad de Almeria and then he joined the Institut de Neurociències of UAB as a technician of stereotaxic surgery. His PhD will focus on studying sexual differences in the Tac2 pathway and its role in the modulation of the consolidation of fear memory under the supervision of Dr. Raül Andero. Welcome and good luck! 

Courses for Chileans university students

Dr. Roser Nadal, along with the Escola de Postgrau at UAB and Dr Joaquín Gairín from psychopedagogy, co-organized two courses for Chileans students of psychological education during the first week of February: "Cognitive Neuroscience of development" and "Cognitive Neurostimulation" involving, among others, Antonio Armario, Raül Andero, Antonio Florido, etc.

B-Debate: Early Life Experiences. Vulnerability or Resilience?

Great success og scientific conferences on stress in childhood co-organized by the HPA group, particularly mention to Dr. Roser Nadal. Thanks to the organization, the speakers and attendees! #BDEarlyLife

XII Jornada de Recerca

There is going to be a scientific meeting on mental health in the "Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu" on December 1st, and Dr. Roser Nadal has been invited as a lecturer.

For more information:

Are the parents' traumas inherited?

In a very didactic press article we try to solve this question, which was the basis of BDebate co-organized by Dr. Roser Nadal.

To read the news:

How animas models contribute to the understanding of clinic anxiety?

Dra. Roser Nadal is going to explain this during the next scientific meeting organized by the “Societat Catalana de Psiquiatria i Salut Mental”.

For more information:;e=042&t=S

Mental Health throughout the early stages of life

The HPA group, with Dr. Roser Nadal at the leadership, participated in the 3rd CORE Seminar on Mental Health on "Mental Health throughout the first stages of life".

For more information:

Raül Andero to INC Seminar

On October 21, our researcher, Raül Anders, will hold a seminar at the UAB INC, with the title: Translational mechanisms of fear memories.

Roser Nadal at “The Marcé Society”

Dra. Roser Nadal will be our Australian ambassador during the “2016 International Marcé Society Conference”.;

New students of the Master of Neuroscience

The whole group wants to give a warm welcome to the new master students who join our group: Laura, Arnau and Eric.

The many facets of stress

Dr. Roser Nadal has given this lecture in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Girona, in the course “Physiology of Wellness: healthy mind in a healthy body”. 

Jesus Ubeda incorporated as a PhD student

Jesus Contreras Ubeda-Gallego de la Sacristana joined  the NEA research group as a PhD student. We give you a warm welcome!

NEA at FENS 2016

The research group has been represented at FENS 2016 held in Copenhagen by: Inés, Maria, Juan Antonio and Jordi.

Barcelona Computational, Cognitive and Systems Neuroscience (BARCCSYN) 2016

Dr. Roser Nadal co-organized the scientific forum on computer systems and its relationship with cognitive neuroscience on June 16 and 17, 2016.

For more informació:

Translational Mechanisms of Fear Memories

Lecture of our researcher, Raül Andero, at PRBB. Are you going to miss it?!

Scientific Meeting on stress

On the occasion of the Closing 2015-2016 will be held a scientific day on stress, addictions and mental disorders organized by the Catalan Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health. Dr. Rosa Nadal and Dr. Raül Anders will be guest speakers.

For more information:;e=042&t=S

Pint of Science – Stress

In this edition of the Pint of Science, scientific conferences in bars held all over the world (, Roser and Antonio participate with a talk about stress on May 24 at the Balius Bar (Poblenou, Barcelona).

For more information:

Roser Nadal gave a lecture at the PRBB

Great success of the conference "" Early life experiences: vulnerability or resilience? it has given Dr. Roser Nadal at PRBB on 11 March 2016.

Inés Cordón in Israel!

Our student Ines Cordón, has gone to a pre-doctoral stay of four months at "The Brain and Behavior Laboratory" headed by Dr. Gal Richter-Levin of the University of Haifa.

Thesis of Rui Pedro Santos Rosa

Our partner Rui Pedro Santos Rosa defends his doctoral thesis next April 14, 2016. We wish him good luck in defense as well as in the new step in his scientific career.

How the impact of stress changes with simultaneous administration of cocaine in rats?”. Directed by Dra. Roser Nadal.

Workshop: how the brain works?

Dras. Silvia Fuentes and Roser Nadal explains it on Tuesday 5 April at UAB as part of the “Setmana Saludable”.

For more information:

Raül Andero Galí, new researcher "Ramón y Cajal" at INc

Dr. Raül Andero, new researcher "Ramón y Cajal", joins INc working with the group of "Neurobiology of Stress and Addition" (NEA). Let us give him a warm welcome.

For more information:

Talk to the IMIM

This March 11 Dr. Roser Nadal will give a talk at IMIM entitled "Early life experiences: vulnerability or resilience". For more information:

INc and Oryzon Genomics together in a "Challenges-Collaboration" project

Dr. Roser Nadal and Antonio Armario have received funding from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), with the participation of UE (FEDER Funds),  within the program RETOS-COLABORACION (Challenges-Collaboration) to participate in the project entitled "Evaluation of the efficacy of epigenetic inhibitors in experimental models of human diseases".

For more information:

Thesis of Xavi Belda

Our partner Xavi Belda defends his doctoral thesis next Febrary 5, 2016. We wish him good luck in defense as well as in the new step in his scientific career.

Sensibilización de la respuesta emocional y neuroendocrina al estrés: Contribución de las características de los estímulos estresantes y mecanismos implicados”.  Directed by  Dr. Antonio Armario.

New position of Ancor Sanz

Our former fellow, Ancor Sanz, joins the “Unidad de Neurocirugía de la Epilepsia, Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas Hospital de la Princesa, Madrid, España.” We wish you luck in your new stage.

Teachers at Casa Elizalde

The Institute of Neurosciences of the UAB organizes a course of neurosciences in the house Elizalde of Barcelona (already we have 3 years) and the Dras. Roser Nadal and Silvia Fuentes are teachers.

"International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology" Meeting

Our group is attending to the "International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology" Meeting. For additional information, please, go here.

Rodent Behavioral Core

We are pleased to announce that our University has approved the creation of a “Rodent Behavioral Core” that will be leaded by our group. Our group will assist investigators and industry in all aspects of rodent behavior testing, including design, execution, analysis and discussion, to study psychiatric and neurological disorders.  In addition, we will offer specialized training sessions for the use of software and equipment, and equipment rental will be also available. Soon we will offer more information.

ICREA Acadèmia award ceremony

On the 1st of July, chaired by the Minister for Economy and Knowledge of the Catalan Government, took place the ICREA Acadèmia award ceremony. Thirty university professors from Catalan public universities received the award, that allows them to intensify their research for a period of five years. Roser Nadal was one of these investigators. For more information here is the link.ICREA CEREMONY PETITA




ICREA Acadèmia award ceremony (2)

On the 1st of July, chaired by the Minister for Economy and Knowledge of the Catalan Government, took place the ICREA Acadèmia award ceremony. Thirty university professors from Catalan public universities received the award, that allows them to intensify their research for a period of five years. Roser Nadal was one of these investigators. For more information here is the link.ICREA CEREMONY PETITA




"International Society for Developmental Psychobiology" Meeting

Our group is presenting at the "International Society for Developmental Psychobiology" Meeting. For further information, please go here.

Ramon y Cajal Awards

Our group is pleased to announce that two of our former PhD students have just received a "Ramon y Cajal" Award, Dr Raül Andero and Dr Cristina Márquez. Only two more researchers in all Spain have received the Award in the "Psychology" Section. For a full list of recipients, please go here.

PhD fellowship

Our group is looking for a PhD student. For more information::PhD ARMARIO NADAL

Dr Mauricio Papini is visiting our Institute

Dr Mauricio Papini is visiting our Institute, invited by our group. Dr Papini will participate in several activities co-organized by the 'Institut de Neurociències" and the CORE-UAB of Mental Health. For further information go here.

Our group is taking part in the "Gender-sensitive research workshop"

Roser Nadal has presented a lecture about "Sex and Gender in Psychobiological Research" in the "Gender-sensitive research workshop". For additional information go here.

New funded project MINECO RETOS 2015

Our group has received a MINECO Project for the period 2015-2017, entitled "Uncontrollable stress during adolescence as a factor of vulnerability to psychopathology: role of remodelling of prefrontal cortex circuits and dopaminergic system". For further information go here.

Anna Escrig joins the J. Hidalgo group, INc

Our former Master student, Anna Escrig, joins in our Institut de Neurociències the laboratory of Dr Juan Hidalgo, as a PhD student. We wish her good luck in the new position! For further information of her new group, go here.

In Memoriam Cristina Muñoz-Abellán (1982-2015)

Our beloved Cristina was traveling on the plane flying from Barcelona to Düsseldorf. Cristina was a member of our Institute from 2006 to 2011, and its loss immerses us in sorrow. We lost an angel. We have no words.


Roser Nadal, ICREA ACADÈMIA award

Roser Nadal has received the ICREA ACADÈMIA 2014 Award in Behavioral Sciences. For further information go here.

Anna Pallé joins the Cajal Institute

Our former Master student, Anna Pallé, joins the Cajal Institute (Madrid), to work in the laboratory of Dr José Luis Trejo, as a PhD student. We wish her good luck in the new position! For further information of her new group, go here.

Núria Daviu joins the University of Calgary

Our postdoc Núria Daviu joins Dr Jaideep Bains group in the Departament of Physiology and Pharmacology, in the University of Calgary (Canada). We wish her good luck! For additional information of her new group go here.

New Master student 2014-2015

Our welcome to the new Neuroscience Master student that joins our group during the year 2014-2015, Jesús Ubeda, from the University of València.

David Rotllant joins ORYZON GENOMICS

Our former postdoc David Rotllant joins ORYZON GENOMICS. For further information about ORYZON activities, see here.

Two PhD dissertations finalized in our group during 2013-2014

In the year 2013-2014 our group has presented two PhD dissertations, from ANCOR SANZ and IGNACIO JAVIER MARIN.

The Strategic Research Community (CORE) project in the UAB is born

The Strategic Research Community (CORE) project is born in the UAB to transversally promote and study Mental Health in several levels of analysis. For further information go here

New PhD students in our group

Our group has 4 new PhD students: Inés Cordón, Maria Sanchis, Juan Antonio Ortega and Jordi Pastor. From here we give them a warm welcome!

New Master students 2013-2014

Welcome to the new Master students 2013-2014 in our group: Alicia Rami, Anna Escrig, Anna Pallé and Maria Abellán.

Master Projects 2012-2013

Our students did a great job in the Master 2012-2013 project presentation: Abi Hatto, Juan Antonio Ortega, Juan Navarro and Maria Sanchis.

Cristina Rabasa joins the University of Gothenburg

Our postdoc Cristina Rabasa joins the Department of Physiology in the University of Gothenburg, in the laboratory of Dr Suzanne Dickson. We wish her good luck in the new position! For further information go here.

Master projects 2011-2012

Our Master students José Torres and Jordi Pastor just presented their Master project at the Institut de Neurociències. They did a good job!

New Master students 2012-2013

Welcome to the new Master students 2012-2013 in our group: Marina Gabriel, Juan Antonio Ortega and Maria Sanchis.

A new postdoc in our group, Nela Monasterio

We are happy to announce that our group has incorporated Dr Nela Monasterio by means of a CONACYT fellowship. She got her Bachelor’s degree in Biology in the Universidad de Guadalajara and the PhD in the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Welcome!

FENS Forum is approaching

The FENS Forum is approaching and our lab receives more visits of researchers from other countries. Dr Víctor Molina from the Facultad de Ciencias Químicas de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina) will visit us to establish a collaborative research. In addition, the PhD student Daniela Rodrigues de Oliveira from the Universidad Federal de São Paulo in Brazil will do a short stay in the lab paid by IBRO.

Our group participates in the Fair of Science and Technology

Among the activities of the Fair of Science and Technology organized by the City Hall of Barcelona, Roser Nadal will impart the next Saturday, 16th June, a talk for the general public about whether "The effects of stress can be transmitted across generations." You can see the program here.

Dr Eliana Barrios de Tomasi visits our lab

Dr Eliana Barrios De Tomasi  from the Instituto de Neurociencias of the Universidad de Guadalajara in México will visit our laboratory during a two weeks stay. Dr Barrios de Tomasi researches about alcohol addiction and food intake. During her stay she will also give us a talk.

Dr Dóra Zelena visits our lab

Dr Dóra Zelena from the Institute of Experimental Medicine in Budapest is visiting our lab for 3 weeks. Our group collaborates with Dr Zelena who, among other topics, investigates with Brattleboro rats, deficient in vasopressin. Brattleboro rats are an excellent tool to study the role of vasopressin in the Neurobiology of stress. During these weeks Dr Zelena will take part in the ongoing experiments and will give us a seminar in the Institut de Neurociències.

Dr Walter Adriani, from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità visits us

Next Friday 25th May at 15h, Dr Walter Adriani, from the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma, will give us a lecture about “Delay aversion in rats and marmosets: impulsivity and risk-proneness in adolescence and in ADHD”.



Our group will participate in the FENS Forum.

Our group will take part in the FENS Forum that will be held next July in Barcelona. Roser Nadal, member of our group, is part of the local Organizing Committee. For more information go to the FENS Forum web.

Our group participates in the "Year of Neuroscience" Public Awareness activities.

Roser Nadal, member of the group “Neurobiology of stress and addiction” is part of the Scientific Committee that organizes the Public Awareness Activities for the Year of the Neuroscience 2012 in Barcelona. For more information go to the bcneurociencia web.

Prize Gemma Rosell i Romero

Our undergraduate students Juanant Ortega and Maria Sanchis are going to present their work “Can exposure to chronic stress protect from negative consequences of an acute severe stressor? to the Prize Gemma Rosell i Romero. Our congratulations for the experimental work and for their initiative!