Two studies in which our group participates receive an ERANET grant

Our group receives two ERANET grants in the programme "Translational Biomarkers in Brain Disorders". Dr. Antonio Armario and Dr. Roser Nadal participate in the project GEPI-BIOPSY, in collaboration with the group of Dr. Javier Labad (Spain), Dr. Marie-Odile Krebs (France) and Dr. Thomas Schulze (Germany), in which they plan to identify genomic, epigenetic, and proteomic biomarkers in psychosis, both in human and animal models. Moreover, Dr. Raül Andero coordinates the project Biostress, with the aim of identifying translational biomarkers of traumatic stress in collaboration of Dr. Torsten Klengel (Germany), Dr. Narcís Cardoner (Spain) and Dr. Carmen Sandi (Switzerland). 

If you would like to obtain more information about the projects, visit the following link: